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Say brah, what is Mardi Brah?

Mardi Brah is a social game based on traditional New Orleans imagery. The game is entirely illustrated by hand using Lionel's signature characters and streetscapes. Lionel created the characters and the virtual world in a style that is authentically New Orleans.

The concept of the Mardi Brah game is a street-style Punt, Pass & Kick competition. To play the game, you'll select 1 of 4 characters and execute these skills to earn points and move to the next level. As you level up additional challenges will come into play.

Mardi Brah uses a lot of fun New Orleans imagery. "Passing" is done by shooting the "ball" out of a sousaphone. The "ball" actually is a coconut in the style of a traditional mardi gras throw. "Catching" is much like catching a mardi gras throw, you reach up and catch the coconut. Throw me somethin' mister!

"I don't always play games on the iPhone, but when I do, I prefer Mardi Brah"
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